Friday and nearly lunch time!!!

I had a very slothful day yesterday and just pottered in the kitchen dealing with the left overs and my new delivery of vegetables. I made a large pan of Kedgeree which got rid of some smoked salmon which had not been adequately cured before smoking. I must say it was very delicious. I also picked and dealt with the peas and French beans some of which I have put in a jar covered with oil and some of which I have made into a salad with garlic. I also made a batch of courgette pancakes with some goats cheese which have been relegated to the freezer. The vegetable box contained a large bunch of Basil so I will be making pesto today for lunch and possibly some for the freezer.

I expect you are wondering why I am so late in posting well that is easy I have only just awakened following a really rotten night - I was unable to get to sleep until gone 1am and consequently I was still blotto at 7.30. I know that this a more normal time but very unusual for me and even the dogs were quite surprised.

Today the sky is a bit more overcast and there is some wind stirring the trees but still dry so I must start the day by watering the vegetables. The hens will be wondering what is going on as they too are still locked in. The kitchen is a bit wrecked so I will have to have a bit of a purge in there and the washing basket is over flowing. My next door neighbours are away in Berlin for the week and though I have never considered them noisy it is remarkably quiet with them away.

One bit of good news the lovely wisteria that I have in a pot on the patio that had lost all its leaves during our holiday when it didn't get watered has not only survived but is now back in full leaf having shed the dead leaves and grown a complete new set. Some plants seem determined to live despite harsh treatment while other are hell bent on dying despite all the love and care you can lavish on them.....

Well time I got started Mike is up so that is my signal to stop writing this bilge hope you all have a lovely day.......

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