Wenesday and dry again

Well the promised rain came but not until Mark had done the jobs in the garden. The patio got cleared of old redundant pots and troughs of bulbs and the lawn got a good hair cut and looks so much better. The hole that Basso dug has been filled in with some nice pebbles which I have given a liberal coating of Jeyes fluid which should keep him off. The box hedging was also trimmed so that too is looking more elegant. We left the bay trees as the black bird is still sitting on her nest. I took a couple of pot shots with the air rifle at the pigeons who are sitting eating all the buds on my acacia tree. I went for the bodies so they were not killed but given a sever slapping so hopefully they will go an eat someone else's trees. As we were finishing in the garden Jane arrived with her son in tow. He is a really bright lad and was very keen to have a guided tour of the garden - he was fascinated by the fish, chickens and bees but completely bowled over when I showed him the black bird nest.
By lunch time it had started to rain gently and so it continued for the rest of the afternoon. Nothing very heavy but a good constant drizzle which will have done the garden a power of good and watered in my seeds. We were ready for the pasta bake by then and I was ready for a rest as my back was complaining but not in a significant way. I had popped up to the bakers in the morning and purchased a couple of buns for the burgers that I was making for supper. They were very tasty as I had made them with a nice piece of skirt which I had minced myself.

Today looks like it is going to be nice day the sky is clear so we should have a good mornings shooting. Sandi and David are arriving here at around 10 and we will then make our way to Dartford where we are meeting Jeff. David has never been clay shooting but he does shoot pigeons for real so it will be interesting to see how he copes with the clays and what comparison he makes with shooting the real thing. Shiona will not be joining us as she is still stuck in Scotland as her uncle died late last week so she is staying on for the funeral. I have made no plans for supper tonight as Sandi is bringing a couple of bunches of asparagus which will do nicely. Lunch will be a burger from the van at the club so that takes care of food for the day. Well that is my plan for the day nothing too taxing.......
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