Yesterday was a day of constant showers so I decided to leave the hens in the small run which is sheltered as they are way to stupid to stay out of the rain. The washing that was on the line eventually dried but the bath mats which are heavy cotton have stayed out all night. This morning I decided to that having started this diet lark it would be sensible to know where I was starting from so I stood on the scales - well it was a bit of a shock and I now know that I have at least a stone and a half to loose so it will be a long haul. Still it is easier in the summer with salads and fruit available so I am not going to moan about it. Today's menu will consist of some spinach and cottage cheese filo rolls for lunch and for dinner Mike and I will share a tin of tuna baked with some pasta and a salad. I didn't manage to get the grass cut yesterday so I will give it another try today. I am also hoping that Terry will come and have a look at my bees so that will take a while. Mike bought me some nice sage plants which will need to be planted out and lets hope I have better luck with these than the last lot which just died.
Normally I would shoot on a Wednesday but with the eye problem I have decided to give it a miss which has left quite a big hole in my week, but at least it keeps me away from the burger van which can only be good for me. I might however shoot a bit of skeet where the clays are closer and I stand a better chance of hitting them, just to keep my hand in.
I also intend to pick a load of sea purslane, while I am walking the dogs, which I will cook as a vegetable. I have no idea what the calorie value is but I don't expect it to be much more than spinach.
Well that's about it - time to get on with the ironing and then the dratted lawn!!!!!

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