Wednesday and bin day

A lovely bunch of roses that Shiona brought for my Birthday.
Yesterday was a strange day weather wise in the morning we had a bit of a downpour not really enough to do the garden any good but certainly enough to take the temperature down a couple of degrees. However as the temperature rose it then became like a sauna and was extremely muggy. Jane came on the dot of 9 am and we had a look at the photos of her son in Disneyland Florida where he had just been for a fortnights holiday. Then it was on with the bed changing and a general clean up. I got a very interesting phone call from my sister who has not spoken to me in the last 10 years - don't know what to make of that and I am still busy trying analyse what provoked this contact!!!!
For lunch I cooked some scallops gratin which we had with crusty bread and a salad. the recipe for the scallops was from Ina Garten and is one that I will certainly use again as it is an ideal light lunch or starter for visitors which can be completely prepared in advance and then thrown into a hot oven for 12 minutes. At 2.30 it was off to the hospital for my appointment. Well that was a bit of a borer it took over 2 hours of just sitting staring at a white wall not so much as a magazine to look at!!! then I was seen for 3 minutes but the optometrist 3 minutes by the consultant and 3 minutes by a nurse. Everyone was complaining about the hanging around and it occurred to me that they really could do a bit better with their organisation. Anyway that said I have signed a consent form and have asked to have an early appointment and will even take a cancellation but I should have the surgery done in the next three weeks which is not too bad. Appointment over it was back home to supper cooked by Shiona. Mike had to come and fetch me as my pupils had been blown up for the examination and my vision was completely blurred. Shiona had brought with her some marinated steak which was then bread-crumbed and fried and serve with linguine and a rich tomato sauce. For desert we had a huge bowl of strawberries with cream what more could you ask for. Not only was the meal cooked for me but everything was cleared up washed up. What a lovely treat!!!! Once the meal had settled and my vision had cleared we took the 5 dogs for a run in the woods where it was nice and cool. They all slept peacefully and are now gathered round my feet as I type.
Today, I hope is going to be a quiet day James is going to visit some friends and will be staying over night with them so the house will be back to being very quiet. Shiona has an appointment with the hairdresser in Rainham [2 miles from me] first thing on Saturday morning so she is coming here again on Friday night so that she can make an early start.
Many thanks for all your good wishes for my Birthday and thank you Joy for the nice card the link worked fine. Have a good day all and try to keep cool......
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