Wednesday and bin day

A self seeded poppy that has sprung up in one of the beds and is looking very attractive.

Yesterday was very chilly with a nasty cold wind blowing and this morning it looks suspiciously like rain with big dark clouds and still the strong breeze. I did manage to get my sage plants in the ground and do a few bits of weeding but there is oh so much more to be done. Sadly I never got round to doing the grass but a few more days wont hurt it.

I made a really very tasty chicken curry which we ate for lunch with basmati rice and then decided that rather than freeze the other half we would have it again for supper. I also made three shepherds pies which are in the freezer and we may well be having one of those for lunch today with the Swiss chard which is in need of eating. The broad beans are now suffering from black fly so I picked another pan full yesterday to have with supper and it will not be long before I will be pulling the plants out as they have little left to give - perhaps a couple more meals.
Each day this week I have done 2 loads of washing -and I have one left to go it is amazing where it all comes from. I suppose changing the linen on three beds certainly accounts for a couple of loads and the dogs beds another and though the weather has not been great it has been ideal for drying washing. I have been trying to iron each load as it comes in from the line which certainly makes the ironing easier.
I am really missing my shooting and can hardly wait until I get my eye fixed so that I can start again. It is not just the shooting but also the social aspect of the hobby that I miss anyway Shiona is coming over this afternoon as she is delivering her Aunt to the hairdresser and then has a couple of hours to kill while the transformation takes place. I had intended to look at the bees today but with the weather so chilly and windy it is not the best time so I will leave it until later in the week hoping that the weather improves. It is much easier to see what is going on if most of the bees are out gathering rather than tucked up in the hive. It is something that I need to plan as I have to take the Piriton and hour before the inspection and then expect to sleep soundly for a couple of hours while they wear off. Still that is so much better than reacting to a sting!!!
Well that's about it for today I am off to poo pick prior to putting the bins out - my favourite job!!!!!
Mike wants to go to Bluewater and look for a new oven but I don't really feel in the mood and that is never a good time to go shopping.....

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