Well yesterday was a day for planning and I have gone through my various low calorie cookery books and made some choices for our meals. We had a nice onion and panceta soup for lunch and as it was enough for 4 we will be having it again today. For dinner we had a small piece of steamed salmon with asparagus and some strawberries with a tablespoon of double cream on - So a good start. Interestingly the strawberries were from Tesco and were reminiscent of rubber balls the texture was terrible and the flavour not much better. I assume they must travel well as they had not other redeeming feature. Last week we had had some from a man who has a road side stall and they were truly delicious. Tonight for supper we are destined to have a minute piece of chicken with some couscous and some sea beat that I picked while out walking the dogs yesterday.
I met Elaine down at the estuary at 9 am as the tide was in at that time and I hoped that Basso might venture into the water. The two small dogs where straight in but Basso was happy just to paddle up to his chest. I really must get him in with a good swimming dog as I don't fancy venturing in myself. Mike dropped me off at home with the dogs so I could get on with making the soup for lunch while he did the Tesco run. I really should have got on with cutting the grass but instead I went for a siesta which was most unsuccessful as next door decided to have a shouting match in the garden and kept me awake. So I was pretty grumpy when I got up and though I did move the chicken feed up to the far end shed I still didn't get on with the grass. In the early evening it began to rain so that put pay to any mowing ideas I still harboured. I guess today I will have to bite the bullet and get on with it. All this sun and showers is making the grass grow at an alarming rate!!!
Jane is due today so I will have to strip the beds and get the sheets in the washing machine and hopefully dry between showers. Looking around the house I need to do a really deep clean at some time, flicking a duster around is not enough to keep it clean. Shiona is back from Scotland with her aunty who was so recently widowed and we were supposed to be going to Wheelers in Whitstable for lunch on Friday but I clean forgot and have organised to go to Peterborough and deliver some garden troughs to my sister in law. I have therefore asked them over on Saturday if they fancy the idea. Missing lunch of Friday will not be too terrible as there will be five of them anyway so we will not be badly missed. Now I will have to put on my thinking cap and decide what to have for Saturday lunch for 6 given that I will not be here the day before. I think maybe a nice assortment of cold cuts with various salads and crusty bread followed by strawberries and cream should fit the bill. So bang goes the diet for at least two days but if we are good until then I guess it won't matter much.
Well that is about it for this morning as you can see I am very late and the dogs are clamouring for their breakfast.....
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