Tuesday morning

Not the best photo but Basso is actually picking up the latest feral pigeon casualty.

Well it is in excess of 20 degrees this morning and the sun is not even over the trees yet. There is quite a lot of cloud in the sky and according to the forecast we may get a shower or two today. This would be very welcome for the garden as it is all looking pretty dry. It was gone 9 pm last night when I went out with the hose and gave the vegetables a drink. We had started the day by taking the dogs for a walk and having a training session with Basso. It is such a great help to have James with me and it means I can do so much more with the dog if I have an extra pair of hands. By 10 am it was scorching hot again and we huddled in doors with the fans of full belt to try and keep cool. For lunch I made gnocchi de gries which are feather light little dumplings made from semolina which we had in a bowl of chicken broth made from Sunday's roast. For supper we had a plate of pasta with courgettes, which sounds very boring but it is so much better than the sum of the ingredients. Mark arrived in the mid afternoon and we had the devils own job to fit the pane of glass into the green house but it finally was reinstalled after much sweating and straining. We then set to to try and catch a few of the smaller fish from the pond for Mark to add to his wild life pond. This is by no means and easy task as the fish very soon get the idea and dive for the deep water and safety. In the end we managed to catch half a dozen which was all that he needed. Elaine had come for coffee at around 11.30 and she brought me a lovely present of the Giorgio Locatelli cookery book which has some nice stories as well as recipes.
Today is destined to be a relatively quiet day - we are going to have scallops for lunch and then supper is a surprise. I have my appointment at the hospital to see the ophthalmic surgeon at 3pm which apparently can take up to three hours. Shiona is coming over at 4pm and will be cooking supper for us all. What a nice birthday present I don't have to think what to have for supper!!!!! Jane will be here this morning and we will be playing musical beds as we need a bed for Shiona for tonight. I will be moving back with Mike, and James will be moving into my room which leaves the big back room for Shiona and her dogs. OMG the washing!!!! Still mustn't moan the weather is ideal for drying.....
Well that's about it for me hope you are enjoying the good weather even if it is a bit hot!!!!


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