Tuesday morning

My neighbours beautiful weigelia is tumbling over the fence making quite a display.

All my grand plans for yesterday somewhat fizzled out by the time I had found all the paper work and booked up our day trip to France it was time for Elaine to come for coffee. She then came with me and the dogs to walk up the road and get a few bits and pieces and to post the stuff off to Euro-tunnel. Sending the Tesco vouchers and form cost nearly £5 as it has to go special delivery to ensure it arrives within the four day limit. You would have thought that first class would be enough but apparently it is not. Elaine took Basso and he was a perfect gentleman for her he sat nicely at all the road junctions and waited while I went in a did the shopping. We had bought Elaine a new bay tree as she had lost the one I had given her many years ago which had gone from house to house with her. It was originally to be a Christmas present but every time she comes to visit we were having to hide it so we decided to give it to her as an anniversary present. Then it was lunch time and the cold lamb made a nice meal still leaving enough to make a shepherds pie which I will make this morning. Yesterday morning had been nice and sunny but in the afternoon the wind got up and it came over quite cloudy and cold. It was however ideal for drying the several loads of washing.
Having failed to complete my chores yesterday they have moved on to today - it is one of the saving graces of being retired that you can put things off until you feel like doing them. However they do tend to mount up!!! Today the sky looks clear but there is quite a wind blowing and the temperature is only just in double figures. If I get my act together I might even get the grass mowed; it grows at an alarming rate at this time of the year. I noticed yesterday that all the seeds I had planted have germinated and though we are rather late all is going according to plan. The anti-pigeon tunnels I bought from Lakeland are working very well and protecting the young peas from the dratted birds. Now all I have to do is remember to water everything as with this wind it is all drying out very quickly. For some inexplicable reason the bird including the chickens don't seem to like broad beans and leave them well enough alone. I chopped up the pods from the ones I had picked and gave them to the hens but they completely ignored them and much prefer the weeds and potato peeling that I throw in from time to time. The thing they like best of all is slugs and snails and yesterday they had a feast - my neighbour has built a snail trap out of some old slates and was wondering what to do with her catch - no problem the hens made short work of all the lovely juicy snails and saved her the bother of disposing of them.
Well it is time I got under way while I still have the enthusiasm!!!!!!!
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