Tuesday morning

So many shades of green!!!
Yesterday was not the best day weather wise but it suited me fine as I had a very productive day in the garden. I managed to plant out my tomatoes and cucumbers in the green house and also got the peas, French beans and borlotti beans all planted in the vegetable beds as well as some beetroot. Now all we need is some rain to wet the ground really well which according to the weather forecast is due today. While I was busy planting Basso excavated the usual hole in the lawn and I was so cross when I saw what he had done. Punishing a dog is not easy but he was shown his misdemeanour and then put in his crate and ostracised for several hours. I don't know if this will have any effect but he did seem to know he was in disgrace. Today Mark, the gardener, is due and I think I will ask him to fill the dug area with pebbles: I know when I am beaten!!!! I am hoping that if he comes early he will be ahead of the rain and be able to run his mower over the remaining lawn. I am feeling the effects of all the gardening yesterday and my back is complaining though not too badly. I will need to rest up a bit today if I am to go shooting tomorrow and not be crippled. It will be difficult enough with the doggy eye without being unable to swing the gun.
The turkey steaks we had yesterday were a great success and batting them out and then bread crumbing them was definitely a good idea as it kept them moist. Today I am going to cook some sweetbreads for lunch and have made some burgers for dinner. I think we will have the sweetbreads with pasta and a light cheese sauce. The burgers we will have with some onions in a bun, I think. The house is a bit of midden and I think I will have to devote some time to having a bit of a purge with the dust.....
Some time this week I am expecting a phone call to make an appointment to see the consultant with a view to having my eye sorted out. I believe the waiting list to have the surgery is about 3 months which is not too bad. I just hope that is does not deteriorate significantly in that time.
Well that's the plan for today now to put it into action!!!!! Have a good day all.....
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