A self seeded display of daisies!!!

At last yesterday I seemed to regain a little humph and got all my chores done - The grass got mowed and a good bit of weeding and watering was done. All the ironing got done and put away. I then had some fun in the kitchen and made large quantities of curry 4 portions of monk fish and 8 portions of chicken and cleaned the tiles and windows. All the curry is now in the freezer for use at a later date. The fish monger also delivered some smoked haddock which I have frozen with Cullen skink in mind. There were also a pair of nice Dover soles which we will have for supper tonight with a nice mixed salad. The Dover's were caught in the Medway estuary so you can't get more local than that.
Shiona arrive just after 3pm with her dogs looking lovely having just been bathed and stripped but within 5 minutes Hamish had found some mud and he was filthy. We dunked him in some water and washed him off but he ran back out into the garden and came back even worse so we abandoned the idea of keeping him clean. You have to know when you are beaten!!!!

Today, we are going to go to Bluewater shopping centre for some retail therapy - I am going to look at a new oven in John Lewis who seem to have a good range available. My main criterion is one with no knobs and buttons which will be so much easier to clean!!!! My current oven has had problems with its seal and I have tried in vain to get it fixed so the only answer is a new oven!!!

My dream would be an Aga and 6 acres of land then I could keep a couple of pigs and a goat or two as well as bees and chickens, and a large poly tunnel for vegetables. I suppose I would need a house to go round the Aga and a platoon to eat what I produce......I guess it had better stay a dream!!!!!

There is also an Apple shop there and I have my eye on an ipad but would like to see one in the flesh so to speak and also discuss the differences between the 3G and Wi-fi versions. With back lighting and enlargeable text I may at last be able to read in bed without glasses which would be a real boon. Anyway, I will let you know how I get on. It seems like a good idea to buy these larger items before the Government increases VAT which I feel is definitely on the cards. You will notice that I have a remarkable ability to rationalise spending money!!!!! You will also notice that there is no mention of clothes which don't interest me one bit which is fortunate or I could become a real spendthrift!!!!!

Well that is the plan for today I don't expect to get much else done but I think I am more or less up to date.....


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