Rejoice!!!! the grass is cut and the ironing done. I don't understand why I put these jobs off as they are actually not that bad and take much less time than I anticipate. Terry came to look over my bees at around 11 which meant taking a Piriton at about 10 as it turned out I did get stung but with no systemic effects. The bees are not performing well and the queens have gone off the lay which we think is largely down to the weather conditions. I was pleased to have Terry to confirm that I was making a correct diagnosis of the problem and my decision to leave them to get on with it was the right one. I will have another look next week and see if any progress is being made. The only problem with taking the Piriton is that they make me very sleepy so the afternoon siesta was considerably longer than I had anticipated. I was dead to the world for several hours. Yesterdays, food was disappointing but then again that was to be expected as food with fat largely remove for calorific reasons tends to be that way. Filo pastry really needs the butter between the layers to make it crispy and cottage cheese has a chalky constancy that I find unpleasant. The tuna pasta bake for supper would have benefited from a proper bechamel sauce rather than skimmed milk thickened with cornflour. As a keen cook I find that making these adjustments is very irksome: it is like an instrument played badly. That said I suppose it is worth it for the weight loss. Anyway on to breakfast - this morning we are having scramble egg on toast which I hope will be more pleasing.....

Today, I have a fairly full itinerary. First I need to make some Cullen skink for lunch then off for a shower and out to the shop in Faversham to buy goodies for the visitors on Saturday. From there we need to hot foot it to the dentist, some 21 miles away, for our six monthly check then home for a late lunch. Somewhere, I need to fit in a dog walk but this might have to wait until after lunch as things will be a bit tight this morning. The weather looks pretty bleak this morning with very dark skies and a fair breeze. We also had a sever weather warning for very heavy rain this afternoon so it doesn't bode well for dog walking or my poor miserable bees.

Tomorrow we are off to Peterborough for the day once we have filled the car with all the garden troughs and pots that we are taking to my sister in law. The journey should take approximately two hours and I expect we will leave coming home until after the Friday night rush 3 hours. I expect the drive home will fall to me as Mike will no doubt be well marinated in wine by then.

Well that's about it for this morning, time I got started if I am to keep to my time plan.

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