Thursday morning

A bit of a different perspective of the garden but sadly the sun is not yet up!!!

Sometime you dispair with the world and then something makes you rejoice. I ordered the sheet of glass from the green house company on Tuesday afternoon and was given the usual 28 day delivery date but the young lady said she would mark it urgent and we should get it within 10 days. 24 hours later it had arrived now doesn't that make the heart grow fonder.... not only did it arrive quickly but it came with the rubber flange and was £3 cheaper than the local glazier could supply including postage and packing.

It was very warm yesterday so I spent much of the day just pottering and fiddling with bits and bobs but I did get to have a look at the bees. One colony is doing well but the other is very depleted and appears to have nothing but drone brood in it which doesn't bode well for the future. However, I think I am just going to sit tight and wait and see what happens now that the weather has picked up a bit. Once the bees had gone to bed last evening I spayed the entire area with weed killer which should sort out the grass that is growing through the brick paving. It will have had plenty of time to dry by the time the bees get up this morning. I also set up the rat trap baited with some nice strong cheddar so hopefully I will have some success with that.

This morning we need to be up and ready by 7 am as the fitters are due between 7 and 2pm to fit the new oven. I have to leave at 8 in order to get Basso to the grooming parlour by 9 as it is some distance away. I think this will be very stressful for him as he has never been left anywhere let alone had his coat hand stripped all in one go. I am due to fetch him at 2.30 this afternoon. In anticipation of the new oven I have taken some confit duck legs out of the freezer and have some egg whites ready to make meringues so I intend to spend the evening cooking.

Now I am not a sports fan but I did breathe a sigh of relief when England made it through this round of the world cup as I couldn't bear the recriminations if we had got knocked out. I knew we were through as I could hear the cheering from the local pub and then the car horns blaring. I then got hooked watching the incredible tennis match at Wimbledon. It was not the best tennis I have ever seen but quite incredible in the number of games without a break in serve. It will go down as the longest match in history and will continue today!!!!

Well that's about it for this morning - lots to do if I am to keep to the time table.....


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