Thursday and sunny and warm

Yesterday was on of some excitement firstly I managed to bop a pigeon with the air rifle but sadly if fell in my neighbours garden so I had to go and fetch it and dispatch it quickly. Basso needless to say was eager to help. I decided it was a good time to practice so I sat him up and threw the pigeon on to the lawn then sent him to fetch it - this he did without fault and returned it to my hand where he gave it to me when I gave the command "dead". I was thrilled skinny and heaped lavish praise on him. What more can you ask of a hunting dog?

Sandi and David arrived at around 10 am and after some coffee and exchange of gifts - they brought 2 bunches of asparagus and I gave them a dozen eggs we set off to the shooting ground. Sadly I soon discovered that with my right eye out of commission seeing clays at a distance was neigh on impossible for me so it was all rather frustrating and I think I may well have to give up shooting until my eye is fixed. Sandi was not shooting so she was in charge of the scoring and also took her camera so I am hoping to have some good photos. She was really suffering with a very bad back something I really can empathise with. Once we had finished our round we had burgers from the the van for lunch - now this really is value for money. Five burgers with cheese, onion and bacon and five diet cokes came to £15. Then it was back to our house for the gun cleaning ceremony a beer and inspection of the garden and menagerie. I pulled a couple of handfuls of rhubarb some for Sandi and some for Jeff and was pleased to see great activity in both my hives so I will bite the bullet today and open the hives and have a good look through to make sure all is well. Jeff had brought me some sweet pea plants so they too will need to be planted. I have no room in the floral part of the garden so they will be planted in the vegetable garden in between the runner beans. By the time it got to supper I was somewhat out of gas so we had an Indian take away for supper the debris of which is still scattered over the kitchen.

Other than asparagus I have not yet planned the menu for today so I will start with a trawl through the freezer and cupboards. We currently have glorious sunshine I hope you are enjoying the same.....
Denzil, the flower is an iris, variety unknown, today's picture is of another one which is nearly black. The back is much better and I have an appointment to see the ophthalmic consultant for my Birthday.

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