Photo of cartridge cases being ejected from the gun which Sandi took on our last shooting day.

Yesterday, went well with the hordes arriving close to 12 midday by which time all was ready and all I had to do was to put on the potatoes and serve every thing. Shiona had booked a hair appointment for her auntie at 3.30 which meant once fed they departed quite quickly. As it was a cold buffet style lunch it meant just filling the dish washer there were no pots and pans to deal with. Supper was easy too as we just grazed on the left overs. The five dogs amused them selves and Hamish managed to get himself into the small pond and get soaked. It is very funny to watch him and Basso playing as there is such a disparity in size. Everyone had a wander up and down the garden and made complimentary noises. By the time I had cleared up I was completely pole axed and ready for my bed so after putting the hens to bed and watering the green house that is exactly where I went.

Today is destined to be a quiet day emptying the dish washer will keep me amused for a while and then I will have a bit of time to do some weeding in the vegetable garden where I have lots of poppies coming up amongst the broad beans. Not to mention raspberry canes which appear everywhere. I have a leg of lamb which I will roast for lunch which means we should have plenty left for a shepherd pie for tomorrow when Sandi is coming for lunch. Shiona is coming again on Wednesday as her Auntie is having her hair coloured so she will drop her off and then come to us while she waits. I don't know what time she is due and whether they will need feeding. Anyway we will cross that bridge when we come to it. It does however make dieting rather difficult.

Well that's about it for this morning the sky looks overcast which is ideal weather for weeding.....
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