Sunday morning

Well what a day we had yesterday! We left home at 7.15 and arrived at Elstead just before 9 am it was already getting hot but we managed to park in the shade of a large tree which meant that at least the car would stay cool even if we didn't. It was a well attended day with plenty of Spinone as well as other HPR's such as German pointers and Hungarian vizsla. Basso was a complete plonker and mucked about all day with the exception of the hunting exercise which he did really well. However I didn't feel too bad as many of the other dogs were just as disobedient. It is somewhat disappointing when you know that they can do things but seem utterly determined to show you up. It was extremely hot and as you can see from the photo while working we were out in the direct sun. We had a half hour break for lunch of a roll with a sausage in it and copious amounts of water. By the end of the training session Mike had had enough and there was only the water still to go. Given the fact that Basso refused to go into water the last time we decide it was a good time to take our leave. We finally arrived home at about 4.30 completely exhausted. The idea of taking the fridge box in the car was definitely a good one as it meant that at least our drinks were kept cold. Basso completely flaked out when we got home and didn't even finish his supper. We on the other hand were starving by then and ordered a Chinese take away. I was off to my bed by 9pm and quickly became unconscious hence up at 4 this morning. I think Basso sees the day as the Spinone summer picnic rather than as a training day. Anyway I am not too worried as I don't have any ideas of doing field trials. We will see if he decides to play ball next weekend in the show ring.

Today James is coming down and I am going to roast a chicken for lunch which will need to be done in time for all to watch the football which I believe starts at 2pm. I on the other hand can go to bed and have a siesta.... I believe that the formula one is on also so the men will want to watch that too. It is destined to be even hotter today so I think I will be taking it very gently, Basso is still pole axed from the exertions of yesterday so I think he will be very happy to snooze his way through the day. The chickens spent the day locked in the small run so they will be very happy to see me this morning and will no doubt be in need of more food and water. There should be 8 eggs to collect this morning and I will need to get some water on the green house and vegetable garden before the sun gets on to the soil. So off I go while it is still cool... Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine.....
PS Thanks Anne I thought it was just my poor translation skills - I did realise it was a demo but though it might have some meaning!!!!! Glad that your week was so productive and better still enjoyable.....
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