Sunday Morning

If you were just waking from a coma and you were informed that it was October I for one would believe it. It is still miserable with a cold wind and as I look at the thermometer it is only 10 degrees. Shiona rang early yesterday to suggest that given the weather conditions we might prefer not to come to the outdoor play. As it turned out this was a good decision as it rained on an off for most of the day. We then found ourselves with a free day so I rang Margaret and Len and suggested that they might like to go somewhere for lunch. They came to us at about 11 and after coffee and a guided tour of the ipad we set off for a nice gastropub where we had a very adequate lunch. It was so substantial that we had a couple of spears of cold asparagus and a slice of bread for supper and felt we had had sufficient.

For the princely sum of £2.99 I bought a bridge application for the ipad which Mike is very taken with so I am now able to reward him by allowing him to play with it. I am however rationing him to an allotted number of hands. The tariff for emptying the dishwasher is 5 hands and putting the chickens to bed can earn him 10. At last he feels able to play with a computer without the feeling that he will crash everything!!!! and for the first time he doesn't need to be able to type!!!
I rang O2 yesterday to sort out how to hook up the 3G capacity which is really easy and I can buy a day at a time for £2 which is really wonderful.

We have heard nothing from John Lewis with regard to the oven but I guess they will be contacting us early next week - I think I will plan to make some meringues once it has arrived as that is usually a good test of an oven!!! or perhaps I will make a soufflé and definitely roast a lump of meat!!! guess who can't wait?

Today I have a completely free day ahead of me as I was not sure when we would be returning from Shiona's house. The green house needs watering and I have the general knowledge crossword puzzle in the Telegraph to keep me occupied. The there is always the ipad!!! or I suppose I could do a bit of cleaning...... For lunch I think I will resurrect one of the fish curries from the freezer so not much work to do there then. The dogs could do with a decent run so a nice walk down at the estuary with my wet weather coat is on the cards. I may also pick some sea beat and some purslane while I am at it.

Anyway time for coffee and the crossword - have a nice day all..............
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