Sunday after a wet night

Yesterday was very hot and muggy so we decided to get the shopping and dog walking done early before it got too hot. The picture shows Basso down by the estuary enjoying a nice run. While I was out there I picked us some more sea beat and also some sea purslane which I had not tried before. As it turned out it made an interesting vegetable with not a great deal of flavour but a nice texture. I bought a copy of the telegraph as I enjoy doing the general knowledge crossword puzzle and guess which bit of the enormous paper was missing. Yes correct, the crossword puzzle so I am left with lots of chicken bedding instead....We stopped off at the butcher and bought some ready made skewers of chicken marinated in various things as I intended a barbecue that evening. then it was on to buy some layers pellets as the hen are getting low on food. They have reduced the sack size from 25kg to 20 which makes them a little easier to carry. By the time we got home it was very hot and sticky so we just munched a bit of cold cuts for lunch and crashed out for a siesta.
I lit the "cob" barbecue at around 6 and ended up with the usual problem, that is, once lit I have about 2.5 hours of cooking time and I hate wasting the heat so I did some sausages and baked potatoes as well as the skewers which were pretty naff as it turned out. The wonderful part of this type of barbecue is that it can stand on any table as the outside stays cool and all the component parts can then be put in the dish-washer. The evening was very sultry and there was not a breath of wind to relieve the heat. However, when I woke this morning it is lovely and cool and wet from the overnight rain. We have been forecast rain for the day which the garden needs and so I for one am not complaining. Today for breakfast we will be having a goose egg with toast soldiers, lunch will be some chicken broth with a little pastina and parmesan then for dinner a sirloin steak with a mixed salad followed by blueberries and cream. This means I will have a largely non cooking day as the broth is made and just needs the pasta added as it is brought back to the boil. I plan a largely lazy day once the dogs have been walked and the hens fed and the glass house watered and the ironing done!!!!!


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