Saturday morning

Yesterday was a good day but I had trouble tearing myself away from the ipad - I keep finding new and wonderful applications and things it can do. Sandi and David got stuck in traffic so we went shopping as soon as they arrived. The cash and carry was pretty crowded but we managed to everything on our lists. It was really helpful to have David with us as he humped the big sacks of dog food into the car. I restocked with cleaning products and kitchen roll so hopefully I am set up for the next 6 months. Mike stayed at home with the dogs and waited in vain for the call from John Lewis about the instalation of the cooker. Maybe they will ring today?
Once we had off loaded all the stuff we settled down to lunch. I had made a plain tortilla which I served with a mixed salad and I was pleased there was not a morsel left. Basso had great fun with Casey his long time girl friend and the two of them spent a good time under the table just cuddling one another.
Joyce, my elderly neighbour came and deliverd a beautiful bunch of sweet peas from her garden; they are all long stemmed and smell wonderful. Mine are only just thinking about growing and nowhere near flowering and given the cold weather that is hardly surprising. All the vegetables are running late this year mostly because I was slow in planting. We were forecast rain for last evening but none was forthcoming so this morning I will have to have a watering session. It is again blowing a gale and only 11 degrees so I think I will need a warm coat for this evenings drama extraveganza.
Sandi brought me a huge pile of asparagus half of which we had for supper last night and the remainder we will have cold with mayonaisse for lunch.
I plan a quiet morning once the usual chores are done but I would like to go and visit Len and Margaret - they go on holiday for a week on Monday and poor Len had a finger nail removed on Thursday which was, and still is, rather painful. He had had recurrent infections which didn't seem to clear up despite numerous courses of antibiotics.
We are taking the dogs with us to Shiona's and Mike is going to stay behind and babysit while we are out at the play. Shiona is feeding us supper so at least that is one job off the list.
Have a good day and I hope you are having better weather than here......
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