Saturday morning

Yesterday was a brilliant day with wall to wall sunshine. I got the hens cleaned out and as usual put the eggs in my pocket - this is not an intelligent thing to do but up until now I have got away with it. However yesterday I managed to smash one en route to the kitchen - what a mess!!!!
All the canes were placed and the runner bean seeds planted and watered in. The vegetable garden doesn't get the full sun until around 10 am so it gives me a bit of time to work in the cool.
Then it was off for a dog walk in the cool of the woods. Basso was bursting with energy and ran his legs off. Once he was over the initial exuberance he was very well behaved and answered all his commands including "over" to make him jump obstacles. I had gone with my friend and her three children and the girls were quite impressed with his jumping skills. By 12 it was very hot and the dogs were panting violently so when we got home I gave Basso a good hose down in the garden with cool water. He then chose the stone floor in the kitchen as the coolest place to lay down, well it's one way to wash the kitchen floor!!!!
In the late afternoon we had a drama unfold as the magpie raided the blackbirds nest and killed the newly hatched chicks. The parents tried valiantly to defend their young but where no match for the bigger stronger bird. I intervened but too late all the chicks were dead and so I removed the nest. It was a pretty stupid place to build but it was sad to see all that work come to nothing.
It does however mean that I can trim my bay trees now without disturbing the nest.

We had a magnificent supper, if I say so myself. I had taken the skin off a chicken and placed lemon garlic and rosemary on the bird then replaced the skin before roasting it with some potatoes and spinach cooked with wet garlic. This was then followed by strawberries and cream.
Today, will be the left overs cold chicken salad and hot chicken soup. I am more or less up to date with my gardening, just a bit of weeding still to do and I was pleased that I had not gone down the route of tubs and baskets when it came to watering last evening as it took hardly any time to do the few bits and pieces that needed it.

I must now look up the tide times and see if I can get the dogs walked at high tide so that they can have a swim. No doubt it will be at some ridiculous time like 4 in the morning but we will see. Have a good weekend all and hope the sunshine lasts for us all......

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