Saturday morning and dry

We set off for Peterborough in the thrashing rain at about 9 am. I had got soaked just loading the car but as we progressed northwards so the rain eased and by the time we reached out destination it was fine and warm. In fact the weather was so good that we sat outside for coffee and also for lunch. I had drawn the short straw and was driving the homeward leg which to two and three quarter hours. This meant that we arrived home around 7.30pm by which time I was very tired and so I just fed the dogs their supper and took to my bed where I became unconscious by about 9pm.

Today I am up at the crack of dawn but feel well rested and able to get stuck into the preparations for lunch today. Mike will get sent to get some crusty bread and some cream to go with our lunch as soon as he is conscious which I don't expect to be for a while yet. I have an assortment of cold meats and cheeses and many and various salad and some lovely new potatoes which I intend to put on big plates and let everyone help themselves then for sweet we will have the strawberries and cream. I have no idea what time they will be arriving but knowing Shiona is not an early riser I don't expect them to be here before around 11 - 12 midday. Which will give me ample time to make all the necessary preparations. The silver dip needs to be put to use as most of the cutlery has blackened tips and looks pretty disgusting so that will be a good place to start. The strawberries will be hulled and macerated with a little sugar and lemon juice which seems counter-intuitive but really works well. The cheese has been in the fridge so that will need to be taken out and allowed to warm up a bit if it is to taste reasonable.

I will also need to have a look at the hens who spent the day in the short run yesterday so no doubt they will need both their food and water topped up not to mention they also need to be cleaned out. I was interested to read on one of the other blogs that there is a wormery which is designed to deal with dog/cat poo which could be a real boon. However having had a wormery in the past and realised that the worms need protection over the winter it may not be as easy as it appears. It would however solve an ongoing problem and provide fertiliser for the flower beds.

Well that is it for this morning time to get the silver dip going!!!!
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