Saturday and a hot one

I think I am mad, today, being the hottest day of the year so far, I am going to run about in a field with my dog!!!! Last year, when we attended the training day/field trial it was the hottest day and we all nearly died of heat exhaustion and today looks no different. I have put the fridge in the car and frozen a couple of ice packs in anticipation so at least I will be better prepared and will not be drinking hot coke. Anyway, if it is really too much we can always come home.

Yesterday was an oven testing day I made the meringues first thing which turned out really well and cooked at 110 degrees to a crisp and dry finish. I then made a quiche with some cheese and Swiss chard which as it turned out was absolutely delicious. It served for two meals and made catering very easy. At about 10 am I took the dogs for a walk but it was too hot: it was not even sunny but over cast with not a breath of wind. The dogs enjoyed splashing around in the water and I must admit I envied them. I was glad that I had cracked off the ironing before it got too warm. After lunch we just lay around waiting for the temperature to drop. It was too hot for gardening or anything else so watching tennis was about the best we could come up with.

This morning will be an early start as we need to be in Surrey by 9am and it is at least an hour and half drive assuming we don't get lost... I am hoping that being this early the traffic will be fairly light and should not be a problem but you never know with the M25. Mike came last year and has bravely volunteered to come again - I have put a chair in the car so at least he will be comfortable rather than having to sit on the ground and fortunately there are some large trees which will give a bit of shade. There will be a hog roast for lunch so we will not be going hungry, Basso on the other hand will going without his breakfast. The other two dogs will be left behind as it will be far too hot in the car for them so they can lounge around at home.

Well that is it for today I am off to have a shower and get ready ....... If only I knew what to wear!!!!!!

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