Monday morning

We are starting the morning off at 20 degrees which at the moment feels cool. Yesterday was absolutely killing by the afternoon. James arrived nice and early and we spent some time comparing notes. He with his iphone and me with my ipad, he has much more experience of the applications that are available so we down loaded a couple to play with. The new oven was pressed into service and roasted a chicken very evenly. One of the features I like about it that it tells you how long it has been on for and with my absent mindedness that is a very useful function. Basso and the boys were quite happy just to lounge around yesterday and we just played a little in the garden - going out walking was out of the question as it was scalding by about 10 am. We settled down to lunch and the grand Prix and then went on to watch the football but soon decided it was going to be a disaster and ended up watching "Carry on up the Khyber" which was by far the better option. Supper last night was just the cold chicken which we had in a sandwich with some salad bits and a big bowl of strawberries. The carcass made it into the pot for soup and there is still some chicken left for today so that will save a bit of work at lunch time. I think it is going to be another hot one so I must get out now and do any odds and ends before the temperature rises. Elaine is coming for coffee this morning and this afternoon Mark is coming to put the glass back in the green house so all in all it will be a busy day.
Enjoy the sun shine and lets hope for a gentle breeze......
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