Monday morning

At last the wind has dropped and the temperature is rising we have a positively balmy 13 degrees this morning with just some light cloud. The photo is of the wonderful sweet peas that my neighbour brought me; if only mine turn out so well I will be very pleased. I finally finished the crossword puzzle in the Telegraph, which took quite a bit of research and google and wikipedia were put to full use. I have never learned how to do cryptic puzzles but I do like the general knowledge ones. I spent some time in the garden and did the usual weeding and watering and am pleased to report that things are coming along, all be it slowly. I think we may have an abundant autumn. For lunch I did the last veal chops which were absolutely delicious I can't wait until we go back to Suffolk so I can buy some more... None of our local butchers stock veal which is a real pity. For supper we had a fish curry from the freezer and while not spectacular is was passable. I also spent untold hours with the ipad and last night discovered all the stuff on itunes that is designed for students. Now I can't decide whether to learn Mandarin or to study Roman building methods!!! I downloaded a word processing program and discovered that all the template letters are written in Latin - sadly my Latin is not good enough to translate but I bet they are amusing.
Anyway on to the plan of campaign for today, Jane is coming as her son arrives home from America tomorrow [her usual day] and she wants to be there to meet him. This means a quick tidy up so that she can see what she is doing. I can also get some washing on as it looks like a good drying day. There are still plenty of jobs to do in the garden and the green house could use a bit of weeding and tying in. It might also be a good time to have a look at the bees so I will dose myself up at lunch time and go and have a peek.
As for food I have no idea - now here is a bit of good news I found a piece of research from one of the Californian universities that shows that mildly obese people live longer than those of normal weight and that the body compensates for salt intake. The recommended daily intake is not based in scientific fact so all the paranoia is probably unfounded. From my knowledge of physiology I have never understood the salt thing as the kidneys will always rid you of excess salt if they are fully functional....So on that happy note we will be having some pork liver pate and salad for lunch and for dinner a lamb rump with spuds and broad beans from the garden.

Still no word from John Lewis about the oven, if I have not heard by the end of today they will be getting a call from me on Tuesday morning. Now how is this for a good idea on my birthday I am destined to spend most of the afternoon at the hospital getting my eye looked at. Shiona has asked if she can come over and play in my kitchen and cook us a meal she will then spend the night with us and go home the following day. I think this is a splendid idea!!!! Have a good one everybody......


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