Monday morning

Acres of mud at low tide only the surface is a benign brown colour underneath it is thick and black a smelly. I know this from bitter experience with the dogs!!!!
Yesterday, I managed to get all my chores done quite early and then stuck a leg of lamb in the oven and went out with the dogs. I had picked a big trug full of broad beans which Mike and I sat and shucked - I have always enjoyed sitting round a table shelling peas or the like it is such a nice time to have a chat and I can remember spending hours with my grandmother doing just this sort of chore and chatting merrily. Anyway, by the time we had finished there were easily enough beans for four portions so we will be having them again today. It is very satisfying to be eating your own vegetables while they are still screaming.....
There is plenty of cold lamb left so I will be making a couple of shepherds pies today which can go in the freezer. However, I was looking around the kitchen yesterday and noticed how grubby the tiling was so that will be my first job. Fortunately the kitchen is not too big but it is completely tiled floor to ceiling so my new Lakeland mop will come in very handy. Sadly if you use your kitchen for cooking it does get dirty!!!!
I have a couple of sage bushes that need to be planted out as I lost mine old ones over the winter. I also lost one of the rosemary bushes which had become old and leggy but the gap has made room for the others to grow.
Sandi was due to come over today but she has just phoned to say that her back is too painful to make the drive, which is about an hour, so it is back to 2 for lunch and I can take my time cleaning the kitchen. I really do feel for her, as I know just how she feels, and I am so grateful that my back is now completely cured which leads me to believe it was an injury that has now healed.
Well sitting here writing about it wont get it done so onward and upward and time to get started....

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