Monday morning

Is this and underground spring bubbling up through the ground or is it a sewage out let? I am going with the underground spring it is so much more romantic....
Well yesterday was one of absolute sloth - did I do the ironing or walk the dogs - no I just dossed around all day doing nothing in particular. At least that hot sticky weather had subsided and we were treated to the occasional shower and a cool breeze. The dogs didn't seem keen to go out and they too just lay about the place snoozing and only burst into life when there was food on offer. I should have gone shooting yesterday morning but have decided not to waste the cartridges until my eye is sorted out. It did however leave a big hole in the day.
Today I have plans to get down to the estuary for high tide at 9am to see if Basso has finally worked up enough courage to get in the water and swim with the other dogs. I am then going to plan out a menu for a week so that I am not constantly chasing my tail trying to decided what to have. It will also give me the opportunity to look at the calorie intake which is in need of some paring back. I will have to put the brakes on Mikes exuberance in purchasing bread and cheese and try to overcome my current pasty addiction. I really do hate dieting but some times it is necessary if only so that you can come off the diet and be a pig again for a while..... I might even get back into swimming now that my back seems to be OK again as that was good exercise and brightened me up first thing in the morning.
Well as you cans see lots of good intentions!!!! now all I have to do is put them into practice.....


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