Friday still fairly windy

Well what a day I had yesterday, after breakfast we shot off to Bluewater and were standing outside John Lewis but 9.55 waiting for the doors to open at 10. We then made our way to the white goods department and had a look at ovens. It took me no time at all to make the decision on which one to have. It is a John Lewis own brand which apparently are made by Electrolux but are some what cheaper. I went for the double oven to replace my existing one but joy of joys it has no knobs to get dirty so the front is quite smooth. The glass door has a panel which comes out very easily for cleaning and the seal is easily replaced. All the functions are digital so at last I will be able to gauge the oven temperature more accurately. Today we should get a phone call from the fitters so we can organise a day for them to come and fit it.

Then it was on to the Apple store for my birthday present!!!! I bought an ipad with 3G capability as well as Wi Fi so that I can use it in the caravan provided I can get a signal. I had done all the basic research at home so I knew what I wanted. The joy of the ipad is that it will do all that the iphone does with the exception of making phone calls, but you don't need a contract to use the 3G you can buy it on a daily basis or monthly on a sort of pay as you go deal. It searches the internet at lightening speed and seems to be an all round very intuitive device.

Then it was off to Ponti for a quick bowl of carbonara and a drink and on to Lakeland where I bought a mini chopper to replace the one that had died and more freezer labels. Then home at double quick speed to play with the new toy.

Well I unwrapped the ipad and plugged it into my desk top and that was me done for! I didn't move a muscle for hours - Mike eventually demanded some food so I quickly threw a Dover sole in a pan and dressed a salad and then got back to down loading apps, music, photos email and all the other goodies. I have down loaded loads of free books to read which should keep me out of mischief for the rest of my life...... One of the first apps I down loaded was TV catchup which gives you all the free view channels to watch. Well needless to say it was a fairly late night as I sat in bed playing with all the goodies. I woke this morning with the mother and father of all head aches - I wonder why!!!!! Anyway I decided to type this on the desk top as it is certainly easier typing on a real key board. However, I might just be able to keep in touch when we are away in Suffolk.

Interestingly half way through the afternoon I got a call from the credit card company checking if the purchases were legitimate which is very good. It is nice to know that they keep an eye on what is being spent and makes me feel more secure should the card be stolen or cloned. I usually warn them when we are going to France as we had a problem with them refusing the card once.

Well on to today - Sandi and her husband are coming for lunch and to do a bit of shopping at the cash and carry, for which I have a card. So no playing with the ipad this morning I am going to make a Spanish tortilla with prawns and some salad for lunch. Then tomorrow we are off to Shiona's as we are going to watch her perform in the Canterbury Tales which is being put on by local amateur dramatics and is being performed in the open!!!!! each part in a different location. This should be fun if the weather is kind we will be staying the night and coming home on Sunday morning.

Well that's it for this morning I am off to clean out the chickens then get on with the cooking.
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