Friday morning

The woolly bear is no more in his place is a sleek, slim and handsome boy. We set off at the crack of dawn to go to the college where they have built a beautiful new small animal facility. The grooming parlour is absolutely lovely and there I left a bemused Basso. When I returned at 2.30 he was still being finished off and final adjustments made to his face. Apparently he had been as good as gold and showered his groomer with kisses. He was very eager to go home and once in the car he collapsed exhausted. All this beautifying really took it out of him he ate his supper and put himself to bed by 6pm but not before we managed to get a couple of snaps.
The oven arrived at 12.30 and took the men about half an hour to install and set up. I think I need a degree in aeronautical engineering to operate it so the manual is sitting prominently in the dining room for reference. I did manage to roast off a couple of duck legs for supper but was too knackered to bother with making meringues - today I will have a concerted effort to do that.
I am wondering if the defrost facility which uses the fan and the oven at 30 degrees might be a good way to dry them out. Anyway I will have a bit of fun playing with it today.
Tomorrow is going to be a full on day with the field trial down in Surrey and guess what it is going to be boiling hot. Last year was the hottest day of the year and we got absolutely fried so tomorrow I am taking plenty of water and towel so I can cool Basso down. I noticed that people were putting towels over their dogs and then pouring water over them to help cool them so this year I will be well equipped to deal with the heat. I'm not so sure how Mike and I will cope, I do hate the heat!!!! There is a hog roast for lunch and we will be taking a couple of chairs so we can sit in comfort, and we can always cool down on the way home in the car - thank heavens for air-con!!!
Well that is about it for now I am about to start the ironing before it gets too hot it is already 19 degrees outside and rising.

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