Friday and where is the rain?

We ate our first broad beans this week - what a treat to pick, cook and eat with in the hour....
Yesterdays dash to the shops was very successful and we managed to avoid buying any goodies for ourselves. We then found that we got to the dentist an hour early so as the dogs were in the car we drove out to Penenden Heath and found a nice bit of woodland where I could take them for a walk. Neither of us had any dental problems so we just had the usual clean and polish and we were back home by 1pm. Our dentist is usually a very cheery chap but he was in a really miserable mood and gave us the impression that he was just going through the motions which left us both feeling a bit let down. Some how we felt we had made the effort and so should he!!!! Fortunately, I had made the Cullen skink so all that was needed was to re-heat it and bingo lunch was ready. The weather forecast was for very heavy rain over night and into the morning so I decided to get all the troughs under cover and gradually moved them all into the garage so that they would be dry to put into the car this morning. However, when I woke there was not sign of rain so that was a needless extra job!!
Oops, I spoke to soon here comes the rain - I think the drive up to Peterborough will be a bit miserable and any ideas of eating out in the garden will have to be put on hold. I suppose that if I had really used my brains I would have loaded the car last night now I am faced with loading it in the rain...Shiona was supposed to ring me last night to let me know if they are all coming for lunch tomorrow but she must have forgotten so I will have to remember to ring her at some point and find out. I don't want to do lunch for 6 only to discover that they are not coming!!!!
Sandi rang me to invite herself on Monday even though we may well be eating diet food sadly she is still suffering with her back problems and though she was getting better she helped out her widowed mother in law with her weeding and is now regretting it. It is so easy to take one step forward and two steps back. I must admit that I am so grateful that my back is finally better and I am able to move without pain. By comparison the cataract is a minor irritation....
When I took a walk up the garden last evening I noticed that the borlotti beans have poked their heads above the soil and are under way but as yet there is no sign of the peas or French beans. This weather, while not conducive to humans and bees happiness, is absolutely ideal for the plants and they are flourishing and the garden looks lush.
Well that's about it for this morning time I got going with some of the chores if the house is to look respectable for Saturday. Have a good day if the weather allows.....


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