Friday and the end of another week

I had a reasonably busy day yesterday but only catching up on bits and pieces of house work and gardening. I managed to get the sweet peas planted out and staked and today I am going to inter plant them with runner bean seeds. I think the two should look nice planted together. It was such a lovely day that I took the dogs for a nice walk along the estuary where I managed to pick some sea beat which is growing well now that we have a bit of sunshine. I cooked it for lunch to have with a chicken pie that I had made - most acceptable and better still free. Later in in the evening I took a Piriton tablet and went and had a look at the bees. The kilos of sugar syrup had vanished and one hive seems to be doing well the other is full of drone brood which is not so good and I am at a loss to understand what is happening so I have had to call on Terry my bee mentor to give me some advise. Unfortunately he was out collecting swarms so I will try to contact him today and see what he has to say. The good news is that I got stung on my hand a couple of times but have suffered none of the systemic reaction so the Piriton trick is working. Mike stood by in his bee suit but was pretty unhappy with so many bees swarming around - I do understand where he is coming from it takes a while to gain confidence and realise that you are safe in your suit. Yes I know what you are thinking I got stung so how safe is that!!! however, I was lifting the frames in and out of the hive and very close contact which is slightly different. As a general rule bees try to avoid stinging you as it is a suicidal last resort for them.
Today it is the turn of the chickens for their clean out, at least I don't have to take any precautions when dealing with them. It looks like another glorious day so I have loaded the washing machine up with some of the heavier stuff which will take a while to dry. Now on to the thoughts of food!!!! Mike bought a chicken yesterday so I think I will simply roast that with some spuds and vegetables which will make a couple of meals and some soup. I was so taken with the sea beat that I may well go and pick some more for today. It is cooked exactly the same as spinach and has a slightly stronger taste and slightly tougher leaf structure so it doesn't turn into sludge as easily.
Enjoy your day in the sunshine .........
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