Finally summer is here and the temperature is rising. June is the month for roses and this is one of my favourites, Whiskey Mac.
Yesterday was a quiet day pottering in the garden and doing the laundry. I stripped out the broad beans which were being severely attacked by black-fly. There were enough pods to make a jolly good meal and as there were some rather older ones I went to the trouble of removing the grey jackets once they had had a boil. I then fried a little bacon and onion and turned them into it just before serving with the roast lamb rump. Mike had bought some strawberries which we had for desert. John Lewis rang to arrange the installation of the oven which is coming on Thursday. Sadly I may not be here when they arrive as I have to deliver Basso to the hairdresser/groomer at 9 am and collect him at 2.30 pm, however Mike is quite capable of sorting it out so it will not be a problem. Jane came and worked her magic so the house is not not only tidy but also clean. I never got around to doing the bees as I forgot to take my Piriton so perhaps today is the day. After supper the feral pigeons were, as usual, coming down to drink out of Basso' big water trough . I lay in wait for them with the gun loaded and ready. I shot one but didn't kill it outright so I sent Basso to fetch it. He has never been faced with a live bird but he cornered it and fixed it with his paralysed point so I sent him in to fetch it. The good boy that he is, he went and grabbed it and brought it to me for dispatch. Well that is one down and plenty more where that came from. I was very pleased with the dogs reaction as some times they don't like picking up feral pigeons and can baulk at picking up live birds. He showed no such qualms and did his job very well.
This morning the temperature is up by one degree at 14 and there are just light fluffy clouds in the sky. Mike spent some time last evening watering both the vegetable plot and the flowers that are in tubs. I transplanted a Blueberry that was in a relatively small pot into a much lager one and it looks like we are in for a good harvest this year if only I can keep the pigeons off them. I have to grow blueberries in pots as my soil is alkaline and they are acid lovers. There is a possibility that Mark the gardener might come today in which case I have plenty to keep him occupied.
Anne, I have added the template letter as a comment to yesterdays post. Please don't feel that a word for word translation is necessary but I would be interested in the general gist of the letter.
Well that's about it for this morning have a good day and enjoy the good weather......
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