Basso is keeping an eye on me from the kitchen roof. Please note what a superb colour match his coat is for the house wall!!!! He looks like a woolly bear but hopefully by tomorrow evening he will be looking sleek and handsome.

Yesterday, Mark came to do some gardening and the place looks so much better for it - but he tripped and put his elbow through a pane of glass on the green house. Thank heavens it is toughened glass and shattered like a car windscreen or we would have been in casualty for the rest of the day. I have ordered a new pane from the company from whom I bought the green house who had all my details on record so it was very easy. What was not so easy was clearing up the glass which had gone everywhere. The only answer was to hoover it up - it comes to something when you are seen hovering your garden!!!! I now have a completely free vegetable bed and think I will plant some dwarf French beans as I don't think you can ever have too many of them. However I will need to order some more net tunnels from Lakeland if I am to keep the wretched pigeons off the new shoots. I also spent some time pulling the weed out of the pond which is getting fairly choked up. My next problem is to have a purge on the rats which are eating the hens food. So the trap will be recommissioned and baited and we will see if we cant reduce the numbers some what. I am not foolish enough to think we will ever eradicate them but keeping the population down is a good idea. The dogs had a nice walk in the woods yesterday which was lovely and cool for me and a nice opportunity to do a bit of training with Basso. Last night for supper we had a bit of steak and I made some bernaise sauce to go with it - the recipe makes rather a lot so I have put the remainder in the freezer and we shall see if it comes out split!!!!

Today is destined to be a fairly quiet day and I might even get around to sorting out the bees. I need to get some weed killer on the grass that has sprung up around the hives but this takes a bit of coordination. I need to spray in the evening when the bees have gone to bed which will give it time to dry over night as I don't want the bees drinking the weed-killer. I have one major job to do and that is sand down the top of the garden table which is looking pretty sad and in need of a coat of Danish oil. I had a go yesterday but I think it will need the mechanical sander on it to get a decent finish. I find it close to impossible to sit and enjoy the garden as within moments I spot a job that needs doing or a weed that needs pulling and I am up and away.

My oven is arriving tomorrow and I have been collecting egg whites to make meringues so that I can test it. Then perhaps a cheese soufflé or a cake which should show if it is cooking evenly. I can hardly wait!!!!!

Well that's about it for this morning I am off to mix up some weed killer ready for this evening and water the lawn.

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