Tuesday morning

One very fluffy Nip guarding his bone...
Well it is another freezing morning just a miserable 5 degrees but the sky is clear with very high cloud so we should be in for a sunny day. Yesterday Elaine came to help me with the dogs and we managed to take them for a nice walk. I found that once I was under way the back seemed to cope reasonably well. Elaine's company gave me the confidence to attempt the walk as I knew she could handle the dogs if necessary and Basso behaved impeccably for her.
I cooked the rack of lamb with assorted vegetables when we got back and then braced myself for a trip to the osteoprat. I was delighted that he agreed with everything that I had been doing and confirmed that it was a sacroiliac problem not actually a spinal injury. I was treated to a severe pummelling and told to go home and apply heat. This I did but then discovered that my hot water bottle had perished and was leaking so today I will be taking a trip to Boots to replace it. Anyway the good news is that my pain is considerably less this morning and I think the breakfast of analgesics can be omitted.
My tomato plants arrived in the post yesterday and I have potted them all up together with the cucumber plants that I have grown from seed and they are all ready to go to the green house. I am hoping that Mark will dig over my vegetable beds today so that they will be ready for planting up when I get back from my short break. I am going to get a load of whites on then tomorrow it will be a load of coloureds and that should see the washing done for the holiday. The fact that it is so cold is not a problem as the caravan is centrally heated and lovely and toasty warm and the site we are going to is on sandy soil so even if it rains there is never any mud which, with dogs, is a great blessing. A bit of wet sand is easily dealt with and I have a high powered hair dryer on board so I don't have to suffer the wet dog smell for long.

I have booked up to go shooting tomorrow with the proviso that if my back was really bad I could cancel at the last minute. But this morning I am hopeful........I may also take my gun on holiday with me as there is a lovely shooting ground near the site and provided I break the gun into its three component parts keeping each one separate should see it being safe. I can keep the barrels in the car, the stock in the caravan and the fore-end in my handbag making theft almost impossible.

The kitchen is in a bit of tip this morning as I left the washing up last night and went off to bed - not a good idea - so that is where I will start, then I will have to make some plans as to what we will be eating and tidy up for Jane.....
Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you have some.....

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