Thursday and a little rain at last

My potted wisteria is in bloom. Yesterday was a day for catching up - all that washing got processed and is now away - however, it is time to have a bit of a clear up in the wardrobes and put away the cold weather stuff and bring forward the warm weather clothes. I am glad to report that my back is a thousand times better after a few days of good pain management it has allowed it to heal. Yesterday, was the first day without analgesics and I managed well with only the tiniest twinges. I did take it very easy though, and didn't get stuck in to the garden except with the camera. The garden is looking very full and well established and the rhubarb is has massive spikes of flowers. This morning it is raining gently which the garden needs desperately however the lawn will grow even longer and desperately needs a cut. Poor Basso had his first encounter with a bee and got stung on the eyelid. It swelled dramatically but looks much better this morning. James rang to say that he was feeling a little better and hopefully the antibiotics are kicking in and his throat is getting better.

I decided that I had to do something with a pile of apples that were lurking in the fruit bowl so I set to and made a tarte tatin which was absolutely delicious and was ample for both lunch and supper with a little bread and cheese. The veal chops got postponed and will be on the menu for today. My vegetable box arrives today so I will be restocked with both fruit and vegetables. I cut the last of my lettuces this morning and that will make a nice salad for lunch. If the rain stops I will try and get some work done in the garden but I am not going to push myself as it is early days with the back. If it stays wet I will get the wardrobes sorted out ready for summer!!!!
Have a good day all and enjoy the weather in your area.....

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