Sunday morning and damp

Rhubarb with the most wonderful flowers!!!
Yesterday was a miserable sort of a day with little sun and lots of drizzle and pretty cold wind. I was glad that I had worn a thick coat to go to the dog first aid day, as we ended up sitting in a garage with the large double door open. The session was very informative and comprehensive but as there was little difference from human first aid I found little new information. Anyway I now hold a certificate to prove that I have attended - we did get some hands on experience of bandaging paws tails and ears. This was fairly easy to do on a stuffed doggy toy but I wonder just how easy it would be on an injured animal. We learned how to do CPR on a dog again not much difference except the ratio of nose to chest compressions is 30-3 in small dogs and 25- 2 in large. They did have a first aid kit on sale which had all the equipment in a very neat box so I bought one - my thinking was with three dogs it would come in handy at some time and would also double as a human first aid kit as there was nothing really specific to animals in it. I think the car is the best place for it and I will augment it with a few bits and pieces that might be useful for humans. It was nice to meet up with various people from the training classes but I have decided that they are no longer meeting our needs and are in fact completely wrong for the type of dog I have so I will be looking for different training from now on.

On the way home I stopped off and bought a couple of bunches of asparagus from a farm shop so today I am going to make an asparagus quiche with one bunch and eat the other just steamed with butter to serve.

The weather looks pretty miserable at the moment with quite a bit of wind which kind of rules out looking at the bees as they don't fly with winds over 15mph. It is always best to open the hives when the majority of bees are out foraging. I am however, worried that one hive seems to be very depleted of bees. Yesterdays rain has done the garden some good and if the weather allows I may yet get out and plant my peas and beans.

I feel so sorry for the workers as this is a bank holiday weekend and it looks like it is going to be a wash out which must be pretty galling after last weeks good weather. Being retired does allow me to take advantage of any good weather and stay indoors if the weather is poor. We have been having trouble with the pigeons eating the young buds off our pretty acacia tree so I clobbered on with the gun which was not enough to kill it but I hope it will dissuade it from that particular delicacy.

At the moment it looks like we will be going shooting on Wednesday though I don't know how well I will shoot with my dodgy eye. I don't suppose it will make that much difference but it might explain why I have had trouble with eye dominance for a while.

Well that's my lot for this morning have a good one if you can
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