Saturday morning

How is this for a snap? Mrs blackbird sitting on her nest in my bay tree. I managed to shove the camera through the leaves and surprisingly the flash didn't seem to upset her she just sat tight.
Well yesterday was a busy and eventful day starting with my visit to the GP at 7 am where I managed to procure a prescription for the fabulous anti inflammatory drug to have on stand by should my sciatica rear its ugly head again. I also mentioned to the doctor that I was having trouble with my right eye which was fuzzy exactly like when you have accidentally rubbed some grease in it. It had started last week and I had got some eye drops from the chemist which were having no effect. He had a look in my eyes and then said that I should go immediately to the optician as he thought I had either got a cataract or a detached retina. So at 9 am I trotted up the road to the opticians and there was put in the waiting room to be seen between patients as they were fully booked for the day. To cut a long story short it turns out that I have a cataract which is of a very fast developing type and is in need of surgery. So with a sheaf of forms in hand I went to the local small operations unit where I have handed them in and am awaiting an appointment to see the consultant prior to the surgery which will hopefully be done with in a three month period. Well that all came as a bit of a surprise, in the mean time I am OK to continue shooting but he suggested that I did not do any bungee jumping. Damn, that has really cramped my style!!!!! Suffice to say I didn't get round to doing much else other than feed us and walking the dogs. The gardening and the bees have once again been put on the back burner but I will get around to them over the weekend if the weather holds. Neither of us were very hungry at supper time so I made some toasted sandwiches made by dipping the bread in egg first and frying then making into a sandwich with mozzarella and tomato and putting in the oven for about 10 minutes to crisp up. Very tasty but guaranteed to burn your mouth on the molten cheese and scalding tomato.

Today I am off to a first aid course for dogs which should be interesting - gun dogs tend to get injured when working and it is quite important that I know what to do. It is one of the reasons that they still allow docking of tails in working dogs as their tails tend to get badly damaged and are very difficult to heal once they have been torn. The course starts at 9 am and is being held at Matfield which is an hours drive away so I will be leaving at 8am. Sandi is attending also but she lives in the opposite direction so we will be make our way separately. Mike has stocked himself up with cold meats and bread and cheese so he is self sufficient for lunch and hopefully there will be some left for me when I return.

Well that's about it for this morning have a good day all ........
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