Friday morning

Basso with his new girl friend Molly enjoying some shade on a blisteringly hot day in the Rendlesham forest.

Yesterday was a bit of a wash out with rain for most of the day. The garden desperately needed it so I for one am not complaining. It did however mean that I was forced to do the hated change of clothes in the wardrobes. All my summer clothes, which had been packed away for six months, where crushed to hell so they needed to be ironed, great just what I fancied. Anyway it is done now so I am pleased. The veal chops were extremely good and I gave them a rub with lemon zest, garlic and rosemary before sealing them in a pan then added a bit of white wine and finally a splash of double cream. Calorie value huge but satisfaction value enormous so worth it. Having had such a satisfying lunch we had just some salad and cold meat and cheese for supper which saved cooking twice.

This morning I have an appointment at the doctors at 7 am - early morning clinic - where I am hoping to persuade him into a prescription for the wonder drug. I also have had problems with my right eye which feels as if I have got grease in it and my vision is quite blurred in that eye. I have tried over the counter eye drops for a week but they are not having any effect so we will have to see what he recommends. Mike is determined to drive me to the doctor so I have been asked to give him a shout at 6am which will come as quite a shock to him as he doesn't usually get up until around 8am.

Today I would like to get into the garden and get planting as I have both beans and peas which need to get into the ground. I also need to re-pot my strelizia which is growing at a crazy angle and is now due to be put outside for the summer. I have also ordered from the telegraph newspaper a couple of grow bags in which to grow asparagus. It will take a couple of years but at least in this way I don't use up a veg bed.

I stood and watched the bees last evening and was not happy with the numbers re entering one of the hives so if it is warm and quiet this evening I will have the hive open and have a look to see what is going on inside. I can also remove the feeders as they should have plenty of forage now.

As for lunch and dinner I haven't a clue yet what I am going to do. I have a nice butter-nut squash so perhaps a risotto might be in order or I may just roast it in the oven with some garlic. Talking of garlic I am pleased to report that the wild garlic I planted a couple of years ago is making great progress and is in full bloom at the moment.

Well that is about it for this morning time I went and had a shower and got ready for my early morning appointment.

p.s. I brought home from the caravan the log books that I have kept since 1996 and am in the process of transcribing them - It is really interesting to go back over the holidays we have had and the adventures with camping not all of which were good..... I don't really know why I am doing it but it is certainly improving my abilities as a copy typist.....
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