Bank holiday Monday

Making our way home from a road walking exercise. I take the two terriers on a brace lead and Basso the other side. It is quite a handful if they are not behaving well but fortunately they are quite good these days.
Yesterday was a pretty dull day weather wise - there was a cold wind blowing which made it all a bit chilly. Things look much the same today so I think I will restrict my gardening to the greenhouse. I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen and made a nice asparagus quiche. It takes quite a while by the time you have made the pastry and let it rest then baked the case blind etc... Anyway, we ate half of it for lunch with some potato salad made with new potatoes and a tomato salad - most acceptable. For dinner I made some pork chops which we had managed to get with the kidney still in place and yet more asparagus. Mike was delighted as he absolutely loves chops with the kidney in and usually tries to barter with me for my kidney which he always gets anyway. Today we will have the second half of the quiche for lunch and I have some turkey steaks marinading in lemon and garlic. I think I may well bat them out and then egg and breadcrumb them.
I have organised shooting for Wednesday and according to the weather forecast it should be fine but we are expecting a bit of a deluge on Tuesday when the gardener is coming. I am desperate for him to cut the grass as I have not done it owing to my back being a bit delicate. I am very behind with everything this year and have come to the conclusion that even if I don't get round to planting what I had intended it is not the end of the world. The broad beans are doing well and I have pinched out the tops to stop the black fly. I gave the tender tops to the chickens but they were utterly unimpressed and refused to eat them. I wonder if they taste bad because they have not been touched by the dratted pigeons either.
Well that is it for today I am about to have a go at testing myself to see what type of personality I have by doing the on line BBC child of our time test.......

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