Well here we go it's December

What a stupid time to be up but then again I did fall asleep by 9pm so what should I expect. Yesterday, was a horrid day with lots of rain but as luck would have it I went swimming and it was dry and then when I took the dogs for their walk it had stopped again so luck was very much on my side. I went to the woods with the dogs and they got absolutely filthy but had a splendid time playing with some other dogs. I then made a chicken curry for dinner which was just what the doctor ordered for a cold wet evening. My spring cleaning seems to have stalled at the moment but no doubt I will continue with it when the mood takes me. Mike went through his wardrobe and managed to find 3 bags of clothes for the charity shop - I really should do the same as my wardrobe is in a complete mess. I have a mixture of clothes that fit me and those that don't and there are still summer weight shirts and vests mixed with jumpers and warm clothes.
Today we have our 6 monthly visit to the dentist which is an expedition. As the dentist is some 20 miles away we book our appointments together to cut down on the driving. Hopefully neither of us has any problems so we should be in and out quite quickly. It is quite a testament to modern dentistry that at our age we both have all our own teeth.
Now on the food front today I am going to slow roast a shoulder of lamb, I like the flavour of the meat but it does tend to be a bit fatty so slow roasting should render most of it. The left overs will make a good shepherds pie which means it is pretty economical. Lunch will need to be something with eggs as we are inundated at the moment perhaps a nice cheese omelet and salad. It is possible to freeze eggs but they have to be separated and the yolks frozen with either sugar of salt depending on their use. I have never tried this but I may have to if they keep building up as they are. The poor old hens have had a torrid time of it lately with all this wind and rain and last night was forecast to be very cold even down to -5 so I locked them up in their house to keep them warm. Usually I leave their door open so they can get out at dawn but I will have to remember to let them out first thing. I thought I might give them a day in the green house which is at least dry and there is nothing in there at the moment so they could just scratch around and eat any over wintering bugs and slugs.
Well that's about it for today I am going to make a start on cleaning the bookshelves it is quite cold with the heating off so a little movement should warm me up.

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