Wednesday and bitterly cold

Good morning all, well it is really freezing here today [-0.6] and we have been forecast snow this afternoon then 10 cms on Thursday and Friday. I was feeling pretty ropey yesterday morning and so cancelled the hunting trip which was a shame but I really wasn't feeling up to it. Sandi and her husband came to see us for lunch and we had a really lovely time. They had had a pretty miserable morning as they had taken a friends dog to the vet to be put down. All very stressful!!!! I had made a large macaroni cheese which I served with apple sauce and fried onions and Sandi had brought some lovely mince pies which were topped with flaked almonds rather than pastry. Very yummy!!! and an idea I may well pinch. We strained off some of the bullace gin which we had to sample and Sandi took a bottle home with her. She had brought her Labrador "Casey" with her so Basso was in seventh heaven as he loves her deeply. After lunch we took them all for a long walk down at the estuary and miraculously got them back without any paddling in the mud.

Today is bin day and we have a pile of boxes together with bags of polystyrene to put out following our TV installation, so much packaging!!!! James my youngest is paying us a visit today so I think I may well try some of the rabbit pies that I have in the freezer and see how they turn out. I am hoping that about 30-40 mins in a hot oven will see them ready to eat with peas and carrots and lashings of gravy. I have missed out on swimming this week so I think I should bite the bullet and go this morning. I know I will feel better for it if only I can work up the courage to get out of the house.

Well that's about it for today do wrap up warm........

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