Wednesday and bin day

My little boy has no idea how big he is so he has curled himself in the cat basket.
I worked like a donkey yesterday getting on with the spring clean and though I am not yet finished I have at least broken the back of it and most of the downstairs is done. I must admit it is very satisfying and everything is clean and sparkling - if only it would last!!!!
Today's hated job is going to be the wardrobe I know I keep saying I am going to do it but today is the day. I still have some polishing of silver to do but that is a nice quiet job.
I gave myself a bit of a fright yesterday and thought I had set the house alight I could smell burning but couldn't find anything alight. Then I remembered that I had put a tub of eggshells in the microwave to dry/sterilise before I crushed them - low and behold, I had set the microwave for 11 minutes instead of 2 and they had caught fire and melted the plastic container. What a mess and what a stink!!!!!
Now for a piece of good news Basso and I have been invited on another days rough shooting on Tuesday. At least I assume I am invited as the text message was addressed to him but he is rubbish at texting so I replied on his behalf. Let's hope the weather improves and we have a dry day. This time I will wear my jodhpurs which are thorn-proof as I still bear the scars of the last effort. I have also arranged a day skeet shooting on Thursday which should sharpen up my shooting in anticipation of a some pheasants.
Anne, come va con il raffredore?
Well time to get on with things and sort out something for lunch and diner, leek and potato soup sounds warm and comforting so I will get a pot on now and at least that is one meal out of the way.....

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