Tuesday and sub zero

Well, I am back up and running the "black screen of death" is no more but I am £63 the poorer - so a good job we are eating free meat. My 6 rabbits made 2 casseroles with the back legs enough for 8 portions, 4 portions of coniglio san angelo with the saddles, 2 litres of stock and a terrine of rabbit liver enough for 4 portions. The dogs were not forgotten and I made 9 dog meals from the off cuts. We had a portion of the san angelo last night for supper served with home made polenta which requires lots of butter and Parmesan to make it nice. The rich tomato sauce from the rabbit was lovely sopped up with the polenta.

Recipe for San Angelo
dust the rabbit, or I guess skinless chicken would work, with seasoned flour and brown in some olive oil then add a crushed clove of garlic and allow to become golden. Pour in a glass of white wine and allow to boil then add the tomato sauce - I used some that I had made in the summer but passata or even a tin of tomatoes would do. Then add a sprig of rosemary and bubble gently until done longer for rabbit than chicken. Goes well with mash, pasta or polenta and a green salad. Very simple but very delicious......

Today, we are in minus numbers for the first time and I am supposed to be going shooting with Roger but there has been a hiccup as his computer has died and he is waiting for an engineer from BT to come and effect repairs. As usual, the time he has been given is from 8.30 to mid day, not very helpful. If he comes early then the shooting trip will be on but if he comes at lunch time then the trip is off. Which leaves me in a bit of a two and eight as to what to do as I will just be hanging around waiting for a call. Same as I was yesterday while I waited for the engineer to come and mend my machine. At least I could busy myself in the kitchen cooking but today I will just be on standby I dare not start anything.
I finally managed to complete the cleaning of the glass and silver last evening so the house is now more or less respectable for Christmas. Today the bathroom will get a good going over and the guest bedroom will be hovered and dusted then the door closed to keep the dogs out.
I feel bad that I didn't go swimming yesterday as I was waiting to organise the computer man and today I am not going in case the hunting takes off but tomorrow it will be back to the usual regimen. The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking pretty grim with a possible snow fall as the cold air from Siberia hits us so I have cancelled shooting with Jeff as he has a long drive up from Bagshot in Surrey. The only consolation is at least I won't have to clean my gun!!!!
Well that about it for now. Hope your computer problems sort themselves out soon Anne it is a real bu**er when they crash not to mention expensive!!!!
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