Wednesday and a late start

Well I am up very late this morning it is nearly 6 am so I need to get my act together as I go swimming at 7.30. At least it is warmer with no frost and as yet no rain but according to the forecast it is on its way. We both got a clear bill of health from the dentist yesterday which is all to the good.
Today, I have a quiet day planned after swimming it's home to dry my hair then out with the dogs for a walk - then on with the mundane stuff like washing and ironing and continue my spring cleaning. Anne, I was interested to hear that your homework took so long what on earth did you have to do? I don't want to burden you with further vocab but next week I will do some of the fruits which might come in handy. As for loosing weight- I have managed to loose 11lbs so far but have at least a stone and a half still to go. It is desperately slow but I am persevering with it as best I can. Having said that, I had a small mishap with some frankfurters last night - I watched Delia do Christmas and suddenly needed sustenance - all the TV advertising is food orientated late at night which is so unfair....
Talking of TV we still don't have a day for the installation of our new equipment but I am hopeful that it will be before Christmas and to that end I am trying to keep my diary clear. If the weather is kind I would like to shoot on Sunday but the forecast looks terrible so it may be a washout. I am also looking for a couple of dry days so that I can get on with the smoked salmon but it is not looking good. I need it to be dry as the smoker has to stand outside while it does its stuff. The poor old hens look pretty miserable with all the rain but then again they are stupid enough to stand out in the wet instead of taking shelter.
Well that about it for this morning time I got my costume on and made tracks for the pool. Have a good one all of you......
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