Thursday morning and today we are set for snow

According to the weather forecast today is the day we are to expect the snow but as yet the temperature is still in plus figures and there is no sign of any of the white stuff. We had a few flurries yesterday but it didn't stick or last.

I tested out the rabbit pies on James for lunch and was pleasantly surprised that they did in fact work really well. I also did a dozen mince pies using the flaked almond topping and some how they evaporated!!!! We had a very pleasant day and spent some time in the garden with Basso and the pistol and his frozen pigeon which has now been consigned to the bin as I need all the freezer space I can get. James shot the pistol the threw the pigeon as though it had been shot and I then sent Basso out to fetch it and bring it back to me which he did very well. He really seems to have got the idea of what it is all about and absolutely loves the game.

For super we had some of the rabbit liver pate on toast and a bowl of salad which was ample considering we had demolished all the mince pies. I also bottled up some of the bullace gin which is rather nice and the remaining fruit I passed through the mouli legume and made into a sauce for ice cream. Well time is ticking by and I need to get a list of what I will need over the Christmas period in terms of fresh veg/fruit and dairy products I don't think there is any way to avoid that last minute shop and I must admit that my favorite time is when the shops close on Christmas eve, I shut the door on the world and hunker down with the family for the next couple of days.....The cupboards are full to bursting and the freezer is bulging with goodies and we are safe and secure and warm - what more do you need!!!! Anyway we are not quite there yet so it is onward and upward. One thing I do each year before Christmas is ensure that the medicine cupboard is topped up with day and night nurse so if anyone gets a stinker over the holiday we are well supplied with cures. I remember one Christmas when we went to a cottage with friends and we ended up huddled around a log fire in our dressing gowns with a large box of tissues as we had all gone down with the lurgy simultaneously.
Anyway have a good day all and if it snows go out and play snow balls!!!!!
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