Thursday and shooting

I have finally done it! yes the wardrobe got done. At last all the summer light weight stuff has been removed and put away. Trousers are in one place and shirts in another, I don't know how long it will last but at least it is tidy for a while....Just in case you hadn't realised that I am a saint I also tackled the underwear draw and found things I had completely forgotten I had. At one point I really didn't think I was going to get round to doing it as the jobs for the day seemed to grow like Topsy. I went for my usual swim first thing but I was late as Mike decided to get up just as I was about to leave which delayed me somewhat. When I got back I discovered that Mike had made a long list of things to do so I quickly dried my hair and got the dogs into the car when the phone rang and it was my friend Roger asking if I would like to shoot on Sunday - well I couldn't turn him down so I accepted but then discovered that I would need steel shot as the site is near water and lead is unacceptable so it was off to the gunsmiths some 15 miles away to buy some steel shot - my lounge now looks like an armoury as I have various types of cartridges nestled in boxes behind the sofa. This done it was off to buy some dog food a couple of 20 kg sacks should see us well into the new year. Then finally we got our walk Mike dropped me at one end of the path and was waiting at the other which is nice as I don't have to double back. Then home via the bank, which was open at last, and a nice bowl of leek and potato soup which I had made at the crack of dawn. Laundry sorted, chickens fed and watered and supper organised I went off to my bed for a rest. But I couldn't settle as the wardrobe kept shouting at me so eventually I gave up and got stuck in to cleaning it out.
Today Shiona is coming over and we are due to go shooting at Dartford so I am in a bit of a quandary as I don't know if I should go swimming first thing or will my arms be too tired for shooting. I think a compromise is in order I will go swimming but only do a few lengths and not knacker myself. We will eat lunch at the club house, a bacon sandwich, and Mike will have to fend for himself. As for supper who knows, there is nothing readily available so I will have to have a rummage in the freezer and see what I can find.
Have a good day all .......
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