Sunday morning and raining

The end of a long day and finally setting up the TV and blue-ray player. The TV is on a very fancy bracket which allows it to sit flat on the wall or be pulled out so that everyone can see the screen. Aerials had to be drilled through walls and new electricity supplies put in place so it was quite a big job. We had a new TV put in the dining room and one in each of the bedrooms so now we have a completely integrated system. While all this was going on I busied myself in the kitchen and made 6 individual rabbit pies which required a pound of short crust pastry, 4 portions of goulash, 4 portions of pork and beans and meat balls for 4 all of which are now in the freezer with the exception of some of the goulash which we had for supper with mash and sprouts. I have frozen the pies with raw pastry so that I can just put them in a hot oven for about 30 minutes before serving. I have not done this before so we will see how it turns out. I think I must have washed up about a hundred times and finally gave the whole kitchen a good clean including the floor. The old TV got taken to the tip and much to our surprise there wasn't a queue we just drove in and two cheery guys lifted it out of the car for us. I also manage to write the Christmas cards and have now run out so another purchase is required.
Needless to say, we sat and watched "strictly" in glorious HD which was absolutely gob smacking.
Today, I am destined to make a total fool of myself as I am going shooting with Roger but what I didn't realise is that it is a competition skeet shoot and I am very definitely not good enough for that. Anyway, I will certainly make the others look good. Roger is bringing me another 6 rabbits so this afternoon will be skinning and preparing those which will keep me out of mischief.
The spring clean is progressing well but there is still quite a bit to do before I am satisfied that the house is clean and in the mean time the stuff I did first is gathering dust, however a quick flick should sort that out.
I gave Basso a little practice with a dummy in the garden yesterday just to make sure that he still remembers what he is supposed to do and he didn't disappoint me he eagerly went and retrieved and brought me the dummy so hopefully he will do OK on our Tuesday shoot. The other day when we were out walking I found him paralysed in a bush pointing but all he had found was a sparrow, he doesn't seem to have got the message that not just any bird will do.
Anyway time I got going and did something constructive have a restful day all.....

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