Sunday and pouring with rain

The new ultra loud oil cloth - it almost hides all the mess!!!
Some times things go right and yesterday was one of those days the weather stayed dry while I smoked the salmon and while I was at it I brined and smoked a brace of widgeon - once they were smoked I gave them 20 minutes at 180 in the oven and they were absolutely delicious. What an indulgent supper!!!!
When I went up to the chickens to collect the eggs and feed them I was struck by just how wet and messy their run was so I decided to move them to the glass house for a bit of a dry time. They seemed to be delighted and soon made a shallow depression in the soil and cuddled together and went to sleep. I really would like to clean the run but I don't have the strength to move it on my own so I may ask my neighbour if she would give me a hand the next time we have a dry day - looking at the weather forecast that could be in the new year!!!!!
Today is supposed to be shooting down in Dover but the weather is looking terrible it is thrashing with rain and blowing a gale - not very conducive to shooting. This means I will miss out on my bacon butty and I am not sure which I am most disappointed about. I guess I will have to content myself with some more cleaning and ironing - what a bore!!!
Anyway on to more uplifting matters I was delighted when I stood on the scales this morning as I have managed to loose one of the two stones that need to come off - with Christmas coming up I don't suppose it will last long but it is very nice to see the numbers on the scales gradually falling away.
My vegetable box has given me yet another pumpkin so today we will have a pumpkin risotto for one meal and if I slice and vacuum pack the smoked salmon I'm sure there might be some ragged bits that will need eating up.....
I also have an abundance of carrots so perhaps a carrot cake might be in order, I am also wondering if I make glazed carrots, will they freeze well as that would take some of the work out of Christmas lunch. I usually do glazed carrots for James as it is his favourite vegetable and I think Mary can eat them also. I feel an experiment coming on -
But first a bit of ironing and clean a couple of shelves - then I can indulge myself in the kitchen.

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