Saturday morning

Yesterday went well I managed to accomplish most of what was on the to-do list plus a few extra bits. Today, I feel like a child at Christmas as the new TVs are being installed, however I will need to keep out of the way while the work is done so I thought I would hide in the kitchen and write the Christmas cards and then get on with some of the cooking. I want to make some individual rabbit pies which I can tuck in the freezer for those days when you can't face another round of turkey!!! Then I will make a pork and bean casserole and some meat balls to have with pasta and tomato sauce. I also want to make a goulash with some nice skirt I got from the butcher so that should keep me out of mischief for a couple of hours. I find it easier to make loads of things in one hit as most of them start with "first fry the onions" I can peel and chop loads and then divide them among the various dishes. The pork and beans will be destined for the slow cooker closely followed by the goulash which will leave the oven free for the rabbit pies. This first job is to make a big batch of short crust pastry and get that into the fridge to rest. I also have a batch of ironing to do which I will need to get done before the men arrive as most of it is draped around the house drying. Well enough chatting time I made a start or I will still be up at midnight.....
Have a great weekend

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