Monday morning blues

Yesterday was a washout in more ways than one. Shortly after completing my blog for the morning I decided to jettison some old software that I no longer used. When I rebooted the machine afterwards it went into a terminal meltdown and I now have the black screen of death so this morning I will have to trawl around and find a computer engineer to help me get it back up and running. Thank heavens for the lap top!!!! I then got myself together and set off for shooting. I should have know it was going to be a disaster when we got caught by the kings ferry bridge which was elevated to let a ship pass under it and we had to wait for ages. By the time we got to the shooting ground the heavens had opened and it was throwing it down with rain and there was an icy blast blowing. Roger and his mates decided to shoot in the competition but I was going to wait for them to finish then have some practice. In the end I got so cold and soaked while I watched the competition that I decided to throw in the towel and go home. Once we were back indoors I gradually began to thaw out but I had six rabbits to undress and five of them were bucks so much more difficult. I got them all into some brine by about 2pm and then went off to bed and slept like the dead until 5pm when I reemerged warm at last.
This morning the rabbits will need dismantling and the meat putting in the freezer. The off cuts will be made into stock and the bones picked over for the dogs so there is still plenty to do. This time I think I will make a casserole with the leg joints and bone out the saddles for some other dish.
I intend to have a day just pottering around as tomorrow I am off shooting with Basso and I will need all my strength for that. The weather is set to be dry but very cold however with all the tramping around and fence climbing I don't think I will get too cold. I will take a thermos of hot soup for lunch which should keep me going. I will have to decide if I have the energy to go to the pool this morning or should I give it a miss and conserve my strength, I will see how I feel once the rabbits are done.
Wish me luck with the computer disaster and lets hope I can get it fixed..........

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