Monday morning again

The weekend just seemed to whistle by and we are back to Monday again. It is interesting that once retired you hardly notice weekends they are just days like any other. I was sad to miss my shooting yesterday but it was the right decision as the rain and wind didn't let up until the early afternoon. The hens seem to have settled to the new environment of the green house which they are rapidly turning into a a complete tip. I have provided them with a nice nest box made out of a wooden wine box filled with shredded news paper but they are laying eggs all over the place.
Today it is back to the swimming regimen and though it takes me all my will power to get out of the front door once I am at the pool I do enjoy the swimming and come home invigorated and ready to face the day. When I win the lottery I shall have my own pool to go with my 6 acres and an aga, but first I will need to buy a lottery ticket!!!
I have an interesting chore to do today I need to paint some coal!!! We have a fake coal fire powered by gas and the fake coals look terrible so they get placed on a newspaper and sprayed with special paint which makes them black again and slightly less fake. I was always keen to have a real fire but Mike was dead against so this is a compromise.
Sandi usually pops over on Monday for a chat and a dog walk but she is brewing a cold and not feeling up to much so I'm not sure if she will be coming.
I managed to use half the pumpkin in a risotto for last nights supper but I still have plenty left and while a pumpkin pie would be nice I don't think I can afford the calories so it will have to be pumpkin soup for lunch. As for dinner I haven't a clue yet but no doubt something will come to mind if I go for a trawl around in the freezer. I have plenty of root vegetables that need eating so a tray of roasted roots might be a start. That reminds me I have an ox tail which might make a nice stew but I will need to get on with it as it takes hours to cook.
I thought I would set myself a project next year to keep a diary of meals. It will be interesting to see just what we do eat through the seasons and it might serve as a reminder to help me planning what to have each day. Yesterday a made a plan of what we are going to eat over the Christmas holiday so now I can organise the ingredients and start to get ahead with some of the items that can be made and frozen. I also need to give the ovens a birthday as they are pretty filthy but this is one job I really hate so I will need to brace myself before I tackle it.

Well that's about it for today I am off to the freezer to see if I can find the ox tail!!!!

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