Friday morning and pretty chilly

I had a pretty miserable day yesterday I think I got out of bed on the wrong side and everything seemed to thwart me. I was late going swimming which put me behind then my kitchen tap started to leak dramatically so it was a quick call to the plumber who, to my surprise, said he would be round within the hour. True to his word he was on time - but I felt so stupid - he was here for about 2 minutes and just tightened the nut which solved the problem - he was so amused he didn't even bother to charge us. It did, however, make me completely clear out the cupboard under the sink where everything was soaked which included all my dishcloths, tea towels and cleaning equipment. It looks like the TV guy is likely to come one day next week but he will confirm after the weekend, so things are beginning to move in that direction.

Dinner last night was a disaster!!! I dry fried some leeks and mushrooms and then added the chicken breast which I had shredded rather like a stroganoff once cooked I added some low fat creme fraiche - the result was bitter, acrid and chalky and neither of us was prepared to eat much of it so the dogs did rather well. Low calorie food is good for the figure especially if you don't eat it.

Today, we are off to our friends at 10.30 then into Maidstone to buy another piece of oil cloth for the dining table as the current one has just about reached the end of its life. I only use proper table clothes on special occasions and the wipe clean surface of the oil cloth is ideal for messy people like us. Then we are hoping to take the dogs for a walk and have a pub lunch. Hopefully if we have a decent lunch a couple of pieces of toast will do for supper. My salmon has been in its cure for the night so now I need to wipe the salt off and hang it to dry for 24 hours then smoke it tomorrow if the weather is dry.

Well that about it for today I am off swimming soon then I need to clean out the chickens but first I need to put my cupboard under the sink back together now that all the cloths are dry.......
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